Mundane Millionaires

Tony Layne: A Scrappy Start to Business

November 08, 2023 Mundane Millionaires LLC Season 1 Episode 17
Mundane Millionaires
Tony Layne: A Scrappy Start to Business
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Show Notes

In this episode of Mundane Millionaires, hosts Kevin Henderson and Eric Pacifici sit down with Tony Lane, Executive Chairman of Aria Care Partners. Tony dives into the influence of family expectations on career choices. He challenges the conventional wisdom of seeking stability over risk, advocating for the courage to defy societal norms.
 The conversation shifts to the nitty-gritty of business, particularly in healthcare. Tony shares insights on the importance of mental resilience and setting ambitious goals. He also discusses the dynamics of running a business with a spouse, emphasizing the value of a strong partnership and regular financial reviews.

The episode touches on the current climate of SBA lending and the potential impact of a government shutdown. Kevin and Eric offer practical advice for entrepreneurs navigating these uncertain times, emphasizing the importance of proactive communication with lenders and sellers.

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