Mundane Millionaires

Jake Wakely: From Corporate America to the Moving Industry

January 31, 2024 Mundane Millionaires LLC Season 1 Episode 25
Mundane Millionaires
Jake Wakely: From Corporate America to the Moving Industry
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Show Notes

In this episode of Mundane Millionaires, hosts Kevin Henderson and Eric Pacifici welcome Jake Wakely, President of Budget Movers. The conversation dives into Jake's transition from a secure corporate job to the uncertain world of entrepreneurship. Jake shares his thought process and motivations, highlighting the challenges and rewards of leaving a stable career for the moving industry.

The discussion then shifts to Jake's strategic approach to acquiring and scaling Budget Movers. He elaborates on the nuances of business acquisition, emphasizing the importance of due diligence and adapting to industry dynamics. His insights provide valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

 Finally, Jake talks about the growth strategies he implemented at Budget Movers. He underlines the significance of customer service, team building, and leveraging technology. This part of the conversation offers practical advice for business owners looking to expand their operations and achieve sustainable success.

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